Saturday, February 11, 2012

Twitterpated Fabric Flower Keychains

Pin It Now! It's snowing today, but it's all springtime in my craft room. It's full of these Twitterpated fabric blooms! Are you curious about using SU fabric but don't sew? Then grab your hot glue gun, a strip of Designer Fabric, and a scrap of ribbon and whip up one of these rosettes. I've made them into keychains. Here's how...

Tear a 3" x 24" strip of fabric and tie a knot at one end. Heat up the glue gun.

Wind and roll the fabric around the knot in the middle, adding dabs of hot glue as you go. Tuck the last bit of fabric and glue it to the back.

Using the Big Shot and Blossom Party die, cut a flower from felt, burlap, or paper. Felt works nicely.

Cut one 6" and two 3" lengths of ribbon. This is SU Dotted Scallop ribbon.

The leaves are formed from the 3" pieces like this.

The 6" strip is folded in half & hot glued, along with your two leaves Then seal it all in the back with your felt flower. Slide a keyring onto the ribbon loop and you have a sweet handmade accessory!

They fit nicely in Stampin' Up's Bitty Box.

Here's my bunch, ready to swap!

Have a blessed & creative day! Erika.


  1. These were so cute...I'm glad I got one! Thanks for posting the tutorial.

  2. Love love love these!!! Thanks for showing us how to make one too!!! I will be featuring these key chains on My Crafty Picks #54 with a link back to your blog on 2-26-12. Make sure to stop by to check out all the picks!!

    If you wish to decline please email me by responding to this comment to let me know.

    Thanks and take care
    Tiffany Bauer

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I've posted the one I made (and a couple cards using this beautiful fabric) along with a link back to your blog on my blog,

    These are very pretty! I've gotten lots of compliments on mine!

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  5. These are gorgeous, thanks for the tutorial!!!

  6. great idea, i am always looking for something new to try, thanks for sharing!

  7. To to cute. Gotta try this. I love making things for my friends.

  8. This is so gorgeous! I'm feeling very inspired right now!
    Kelly @ Smart! School {House}

  9. Thanks so much for the cute project tutorial! I've made a few of these and posted the pics on my blog today with a link back to your tutorial. Please feel free to stop by & let me know what you think!

  10. Gentilissima Erika leggendo il tuo profilo e scorrendo le immagini del tuo bellissimo tutorial ,lascio volentieri il mio commento e mi unisco ai tuoi sostenitori perchè sei "GRANDE!!!" quando dici di voler condividere ciò che crei.Io la penso come te!!!!Secondo me questo smuove la creatività, ognuno poi ci può mettere del suo e da cosa nasce cosa.Se vuoi passa da me e se ti piace qualcosa non esitare a scrivere.Complimenti di nuovo..Patry