Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mini Coffee Cup Valentines & Birthday Favors

Pin It Now! By now you've probably seen these adorable mini coffee cups! They are too, too sweet!

I wanted to share a couple of projects I've made with them this week.

The first is a set of Valentine's Day treat cups I made for my card swap ladies. Inside each one is a big ol' Rafaello Coconut Truffle.  Mmm, luscious! 
Here's a little secret-the stir sticks are from Krispy Kreme.  Shhhhh! Cut them in half, they're the perfect size. 
Here are some little birthday favors for twin sisters!  
The Valentine cups are decorated using the Sweet Valentine Sacks kit available for a limited time. I got the idea from fellow demo Deseree Krumm. 

Also, there are some easy templates available to print, cut, and trace onto your choice of papers here.  

Thanks to these ladies for the inspiration!  

Have a blessed and creative day ~ Erika

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