Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy BIRD-Day!

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Here's a cute little number I whipped up for my son's 11th birthday...

 It's a boxed cookie-decorating set!  With Angry Birds! 

Here's how it looks when the lid opens, revealing a mason jar, frosting, and sprinkles...
 All set to decorate!
 Here is the card, it's a slider card (my first try ever)...
 and opens to reveal a bunch o' flyin' Angry Birds!

Look Out!  Birds a'flyin'!

Now, I have to reveal my sources, since this was not my original talent, but a collaboration of two fantastic tutorials. 

The Angry Birds tutorial was by Mellisa Stout, her blog is The Stamp Doc.  You'll see this is nearly an exact case, as I'm new at both sliders and pop ups! 

The box of treats is a tutorial that is currently on UStamp With Dawn and Friends SCORED! Event.  Rachel Ricks designed this adorable kit to be used to cook a personal cupcake in.  You can visit Rachel's blog, The Little Blue Room here to see the original version. 

You can also gain access to this and tons of other tutorials by visiting UStamp With Dawn and Friends directly.  I was a Dawn & Friends addict, and now I'm blessed to design for her! 

Thanks to both of them for helping me put together a gift that's sure to bring a sticky, sprinkly smile!


  1. Hello!

    This is certainly a WOW! project - beautifully done! Lucky boy to have you for a mom! Thank you for the links and wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane

  2. Boy, I read that and got down to the end and thought to myself....I am too sick of you! (lol) That is stinkin' cute and you can best believe too much work for my lazy self! That is obscene detail!

  3. I adore it! My son is crazy about Angry birds!