Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Monstrously Fun Project!

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The fun goes on at Ustamp With Dawn and Friends!!

My second project debuted today, and a had a monstrously good time making this set of Cards With Cool Moves.  Here's the set:
 This project is called Make-A-Monster Bash.  Each card does something fun for the kiddos, but the center card deserves a closer peek!  It's a sliding google eyeball...
...that rotates 'round and 'round while the little monsters play catch with it!  It has bling for stars, and little 3D planet and moon!  AND it's an easel card with a super cool birthday theme.  I made this with my little boys in mind and they went over HUGE :D.

The project also includes a Peek-A-Boo Frames card, where behind each window is an unexpected party guest!

The last card is a cutaway card with a pennant banner. The aliens have crazy google eyes, and you open the card to reveal the rest of their cute little mutant bodies!

Finally, a BONUS gift box, with a funky eyeball border.

If you'd like to get in on the fun, go to Ustamp With Dawn and Friends Cards With Cool Moves to join today, it's $24.99 for over 40 full tutorials, chats, prizes, galleries, and more.

Have an out of this world night!

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  1. Wow Erika, these are awesome! I don't know any kid that wouldn't want to receive these projects! Love the google eyes!