Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Minecraft Birthday Card In A Box - 13th Birthday!

Pin It Now! Want to see something cool I made for my 13 y.o. son's best friend's 13th birthday?   A Minecraft card-in-a-box!
My son LOVED it!  I simply found images online that I liked, resized them to work together, and hand cut each one.  The bricks were a challenge, I had to layer them row by row!  Added a "13" to Steve's shirt!
Added some birthday stamps from Starburst Sayings. 
Folded flat to fit in a standard envelope...
And the backside for the birthday message.  The sentiment here is long retired. 
This was a stretch in my style, but so fun and worth the smiles it got.   Thankfully, I saved the digi files for the Minecraft portion of this card, so I can make more if I get the urge!
Thanks for stopping by, have a blessed and creative day!


  1. WOW...thanks for sharing; this is 1 of a kind b'day card.

  2. Can i have link to how the card folds?

  3. Hi Jamie! Here's the link to the youtube video I watched to learn the fold:

    If the link doesn't work, try searching youtube for "chic n scratch Stampin up card in a box", it's a video of a card with balloons. Nice and easy to learn!

  4. I like the wall and characters I know you mentioned you searched I can't find that wall can you help what did you type in search? very ,very nice card ..