Sunday, April 14, 2013

What's On My Desk...

Pin It Now! Since the purchase of my light box many months ago, I have taken pictures of my projects carefully quarantined to the stark white-grey of the lit box.  It's been nice, mainly because I can photograph night and day, and the color is always the same.  So I haven't had to take inventory of what's left on my desk after I finish a card.  I just pile it up and start a new project.  But I always save scraps!

Kimberly Van Diepen of Stampin' By The Sea has challenged her readers to make a card with with only what's on your desk. Easy for me, as most of the stuff I love most is on my desk :) So here I go!  Come along with me. Here's my card...
And here's how I got there.  I started by shifting around things that are just stacked.  Sahara Sand woodgrain circles, a random stamp, a butterfly.  I'd like to say that I don't usually wallow in this much stuff, but I'd be lying to you.  If I'm lucky, I have a 2' x 1' area to work, and then I'm bumping piles!  I have bowls, jars, baskets, and bins. Welcome to my world!
I decided that I like these together, and now I'll pick a background.

Ooh, this is springy!  Good, I'm going with the green.

Adding a few details, I'm not sure if I'm don't embellishing, so I'm tacking it down and I'll work some more bits around.  So far, I have a banner strip from Tea for Two and a tiny scrap of Naturals ribbon.  I stamped a Mother's Day sentiment on them.  Picked up a button from what's left of my Artisan Embellishment kit.  Linen Thread, and we're almost done.

Okay!  Done!  I placed all my goodies on an Island Indigo CS base, and added a few embellishments in the corner.  The little heart on the banner is punched from a piece of vintage poetry, and I purposely chose the word "grace" to show in the heart, as a little symbol of motherly love.  As you can see, a lot of what I use is right at my fingertips.  I love it that way, I love having all my pretties scattered around me.

 So what do you have on your desk?  Link up to Kimberly's post if you get the chance, and share with me on my post too!


  1. OH MY WORD!! Gorgeous, Gorgeous. Thank you so much for playing along. It's crazy the stuff we have on our desks. :) You are AWESOME!

  2. Very pretty!! This challenge wouldn't work for me though, because I don't save bitty scraps and I always put everything away before I start something new, lol! It just kills me creativity to try to make cards in a "mess". That and my OCD....LOL!